10 Affirmations You Can Embody Before Your Next Date

Photo by Kara Beth Nixon in Joshua Tree, California

Dating is such an energetic experience. As energetic beings, everytime we interact with another, an exchange happens. It’s quite magical when it’s a positive feeling but also very obvious when the energy is off.

In this post, I share with you ten affirmations to embody before your next date. This can apply to you before you meet someone new or even if you’re going on a date with your partner of six years. It’s a beautiful thing to be aware of how you’re showing up.

This could also make the difference for a first date that leads into a second, a third, and perhaps your forever. This awareness can even transform a long term relationship that has lost its initial fire.

  1. I am worthy of a love that cherishes me for my essence.
  2. I am a high value being that gives and receives freely and generously.
  3. Whatever the outcome, I choose to express my true self.
  4. I am present, conscious, and curious.
  5. I am worthy of being listened to and heard. When I speak, my heart remains connected with my words.
  6. I listen with an open heart, free of judgment or assumptions.
  7. My presence is uplifting. I leave people lighter and brighter than ever. This magnetizes everyone and everything to me.
  8. I am multi-dimensional and can playfully reveal all sides of me.
  9. There’s something new to explore and learn in every moment. I am interesting and interested beyond measure.
  10. I am memorable, unforgettable, and there will never be another me.

Read these 10 affirmations slowly, declare every word, leave a pause between each one, and see what comes up for you.

Read them over three times in a row.

Is there an affirmation that has struck a deep part in you?

Are there places that still need healing?

Illuminate the cracks, edges, and sharp places.

Become increasingly aware of your own energy.

Then watch how your relationships transform.

A little bit of real talk. If you are on a date or you are in a relationship with someone and the energy is not nurturing to your soul, please walk away. No amount of affirmations can fix a broken, toxic, or unhealthy relationship. If there’s any doubt in your heart that your relationship is off, listen to your intuition. Sharing this from a place of love, truth, and in hopes that you one day find yourself fully embraced in a relationship where you feel at home.

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