Why You’re Not Alone in Feeling This Way and How to Go Through It

Photo of me for a bridal shoot in Joshua Tree, California by Vanessa Todd Photography

Have you been experiencing feelings of loneliness lately? You’re not alone.

The word itself has such a dreary feeling. Lonely. Alone. Lonesome.

But what I’ll be talking about in this post isn’t that. In this post, loneliness is the completely normal state of mind and heart that comes about when you realize no one is experiencing your reality exactly like you are.

Your day to day life, your experiences, your inner thoughts, your whole journey are observed by the divine awareness that is you and can…

This was me buying my car on December 26, 2018. Keep reading for the relevance of this photo.

When you feel out of place in a culture that tells you MORE is better.

In today’s age of materialism, online everything, and social media overwhelm, I feel like I don’t belong.

I’ve been feeling that more and more lately.

I imagine it’s like being a salmon that awakens to the fact that every other salmon is swimming downstream and you don’t really want to.

You start getting deeper into the existential questions:


What if I don’t want to?

What do I really want?

Why is the world like this?

One area of life that I’ve become really aware…

Ten approachable and practical ways to get glowing skin and put your best face forward.

Photo is my own, free of makeup and loving it

My skin is far from perfect, but I’m so grateful for how it is now. At 31, my face is starting to show signs of graceful years and I’m here for it. As I’ve been reflecting on all the lifestyle changes I’ve made, I realized my skin is one of my favorite transformations.

In this post, I’ll share with you my ten commandments to glowing skin so makeup can be an accessory to your beauty rather than a necessity!

1 Manage inflammation in your body

Why do we fight our bodies, beat ourselves into submission, and cycle in and out of self-acceptance?

Photo is my own

In an age of social media, body image triggers are everywhere. Who knew that one day, you could visually see the lives of millions of people around the world with the click of a finger on a device as small as your hand? From celebrities, to models, to influencers, to athletes, to anyone at all, you can literally be part of a stranger’s life without even knowing them personally.

I’m bold enough to say that body image struggles have been magnified by the…

Sound familiar? You might have dated one or more of these guys.

Photo by Kara Beth Nixon in Joshua Tree, CA

I’m not a believer in the concept of “The One.” I do believe in “The One for You.”

In my years of dating, getting to know people’s stories, and studying all things love/relationships/marriage, I believe there are a handful of individuals you could create a perfectly beautiful partnership and life with.

I’m talking about connections that are deep, lasting, and vibrant. A love that sees and knows you. One who loves you, is fond of you, adores you, and you feel the same way. A bond that is…

The dating and relationship struggles of the modern-day woman living in a “boss-babe” culture.

Photo is my own

This article is for the go-getter women who have their career, business, and money together but haven’t met their love match.

This article is for you if you hear the “I don’t need no man” battle cry and intellectually agree but deep inside you really want one.

This article is for you if you’re in your 30’s or even early 40’s and you’ve been seriously reflecting on your love life.

In today’s modern times, women are ridiculously impressive. We are in an age where women are…

Photo of me on a bridal modeling shoot by Vanessa Todd in Joshua Tree, CA.

There’s a shift that happens in a woman when she realizes she is ready for love. Real love. The deep and lasting kind. It doesn’t come at a certain age. It happens when in her heart, she feels a deep longing for permanence. In my relationship coaching business, I’ve heard the words directly from single women.

I just want to meet my person.

The gap of time between when a woman first feels this to when her desire is fulfilled can be decades long or months. This very occurrence is the cause of many quiet tears shed and silent prayers…

Photo by Kara Beth Nixon in Joshua Tree, California

Dating is such an energetic experience. As energetic beings, everytime we interact with another, an exchange happens. It’s quite magical when it’s a positive feeling but also very obvious when the energy is off.

In this post, I share with you ten affirmations to embody before your next date. This can apply to you before you meet someone new or even if you’re going on a date with your partner of six years. It’s a beautiful thing to be aware of how you’re showing up.

This could also make the difference for a first date that leads into a second…

How I freed myself from the rat race of finding my worth in work, money, achievements, and status, and how you can too.

Photo of me by Julie Tecson at a stunning lookout point in Laguna Beach, CA

If you’re reading this and you live in America, you know the rat race quite well.

The traditional model has been:

  • Do well in school
  • Take AP classes
  • Participate in sports or extracurricular activities
  • Maintain a stellar GPA
  • Crush the SAT
  • Get into a dream college
  • Get a degree (or two)
  • Land an incredible job
  • Make money
  • Work hard
  • Get promoted
  • Make more money
  • Get married
  • Buy a house
  • Have a kid (or two)
  • Build that 401K

A lot can happen in 10 years.

Photo is my own taken at Stonesteps Beach in Encinitas, CA

On Monday this week, I logged into Facebook (like we all sometimes do to check notifications) and I stumbled upon a group photo my friend Amanda posted.

It was a group photo at Disneyland’s Club 33, a secret and members-only restaurant hidden in the streets of New Orleans Square in Anaheim, California.

We were there because we were celebrating the end of our internship with KPMG, a Big Four Public accounting firm. My friend didn’t tag me in the photo but I remember being there for the memory. …

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